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The Mission

My Friend Linkin is a non-profit that aims to teach and inspire others about childhood cancer. MFL is dedicated to advancing the education of childhood cancer through the biographies of kids in our My Friend series. These books humanize the journey of cancer through a children's book written by other children. Children ask the hard questions and those who are fighting the battle are eager to share their story. 


Since 2017 when Naudia followed Linkin's journey interviewing Linkin, his family, and following him to cancer treatments, MFL has been writing books about different children and through the process of discovery, these books tell us how different every cancer really is. Naudia complied all of her notes and wrote a book to help children like her understand cancer better. Shipped worldwide, My Friend Linkin has educated so many children (and adults!).

No matter the hardships families face, a project like MFL is a unique piece of the journey that will stay with them forever.

PBS Milwaukee

Congrats to PBS Milwaukee on winning gold at the Milwaukee Press Club for this special

Featured Friend

My Friend Jaxon centers around life after cancer.

Linkin's interviewing Jaxon and writing about his life now that he hs been cancer free. Linkin asks questions like what does this mean? How is Jaxon handling it? What do doctor appointments look like now?

Nominate a Friend

My Friend Linkin is always looking for kids who may want to share their journey with their friends and family. 

Do you know someone who fits that criteria? If you know a child between the ages of 8-18 who is currently fighting cancer, and is willing to share the ups and down of their journey with cancer, click here to nominate them. 

Super Hero Kids
THE LAST HUG - A journey to hell and back

The Last Hug
A journey to hell and back


Learn about the incredible journey fathers and grandfathers take when the unimaginable happens - losing a child. Read through the different stories and then the ways they handled their grief. Learn how they got through their most difficult moments, what worked, what didn't and how they deal with grief day to day. Click below to learn more about each of our authors.

Father and Son Playing
Get Involved

My Friend Linkin thrives on sponsorship and donations. Book publications are expensive. It costs, on average, $5,000 to have a kid go through the My Friend process. If you're a company and you're interested in sponsoring a child or a book, please learn more and lets work together to achieve our dreams!

Learn more about sponsoring a friend.

We have a lot of events where we need as much help as possible! If you're looking for a great team building experience, a way to get volunteer hours, a church looking for a great cause, or a family looking to help others, My Friend Linkin can help. Learn more about donating time, having a book drive, or creating raffle baskets for our events!

Thanks to our Sponsors!
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