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Investing in Research

In September of 2021, My Friend Linkin donated $5,000 to Versiti Blood Center in Milwaukee, WI. Donations like My Friend Linkin's provide financial support in Versiti's mission to enhance lives through discovery, diagnosis, and treatment. More recently, Danielle Savick, Associate Director of Development wrote what this means in terms of day to day operations at Versiti. Read below for more.

My Friend Linkin’s investment in research will support our Stem Cell & Cellular Therapy initiative which will facilitate the hiring of 10 new investigators, the creation of new laboratories, and the advancement of research breakthroughs. Generous donations like this one will allow us to continue the exceptional work that we do-advancing into the forefront of stem cell & cellular therapy research.

Versiti’s focus on blood health innovation has positioned us as a leader in cell therapy. Blood transfusions and bone marrow transplants are the original cell therapies, and our investigators have been at the forefront ok making them a reality. At this crucial juncture in biomedical advancements, patients and research partners are relying on us to invest in and advance our knowledge of stem cell and cellular therapy research to enable our investigators and physicians to improve outcomes and save more lives.

The collaborative environment of blood health innovators at the Blood Research Institute ensures interdisciplinary, multiplicative effects in blood health innovations. Recruiting additional researchers and expanding lab space will help us build additional critical mass, ensuring life-saving discoveries will come at a quicker pace.

Thank you My Friend Linkin and MFL supporters for your support in advancing important cellular therapy. These advancements will be crucial for many patients with cancer and other illnesses who currently rely on traditional treatments that can be harsh on the body and often times ineffective. What this gift offers is hope. For better options, for a cure.

Danielle Savick, Associate Director of Development, Versiti Blood Research Institute Foundation

If you'd like to learn more or donate money or blood, please visit Versiti's website here.

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