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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Monthy

September 1 - September 30.

Thirty days.

Thirty days of learning about the number one killer disease for children in the United States. Thirty days of learning that 20% of children diagnosed with cancer will not survive.

Thirty days of learning that 47 children will die today from this disease.

Thirty days of learning that 25% of children who survive will face a late effect side effect from treatment that is considered severe or even life threatening.

Many families aren't aware how common it is for children to be diagnosed with cancer until it's too late. We need to do better. We need to help those who are crippled emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially from this disease.

We need to bang on Congress' door (click here to email your representative) and demand they take more action.

The month of September is a great time to learn more about this disease and raise awareness and money. Here are five basic things that you can do to help include:

  1. Donate to your local childhood cancer organizations. Many of them are helping families directly or help research.

  2. Donate blood. This selfless act is a quick way to help those who are in the hospital. Some patients may only need transfusion, but many need them weekly. Hospitals are often in critical demand. You can schedule your appointment with Versiti here.

  3. Set a jar out at work for change. You can save a lot of change in 30 days. This can be donated to your local research institute or non-profit to help them fight cancer.

  4. Spread awareness. Read a daily statistic. Share what you know. If you have a store, print out a sign with statistic so people will learn more. Knowledge is power.

  5. Be there for a family. Volunteer at your local Ronald McDonald House. Join a meal train. Listen. Children who are fighting cancer still want interactions with friends and family. Encourage your school to write a letter or draw a picture to someone who is stuck in the hospital. This can bring cheer to those who cannot go to school at this time.

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