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Learning how to help in various ways is important. Here's a small list of organizations that can help in various ways.


The Tyler Hallsey Foundation has three different parts. The first, Crush Cancer, raises money for cancer. The Miles of Smiles focuses on making children who fighting cancer smile during treatment, and the Path to Hope has Chris Hallsey, Tyler's dad speaking about cancer and life after losing a child.


Michael Gustafson is the founder of the Swifty Foundation. Michael's post-mortem tissue donation is one of the three major priorities of the Swifty Foundation. This donation helps researchers study tissue and learn more about cancer. Secondly, the Swifty Foundation collaborates among different cancer researchers across the country. Third, the Swifty Foundation focuses on medulloblastoma, Michael's cancer.


Versiti Blood Center is a national leader in blood in innovative blood center solutions. Simply put: they help others. The easiest way to help Versiti and those who are battling cancer is to donate blood. Donating blood saves lives. You don't need to wait for a blood drive, you can sign-up directly on their website and go to any of the centers based in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, or Michigan. Safe a life and donate today.

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