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The Mission:

Kids Writing Books about Kids with Cancer.

My Friend Linkin is a non-profit that aims to teach and inspire other about childhood cancer. MFL is dedicated to advancing the education of childhood cancer through the biographies of kids in our My Friend series. These books humanize the journey of cancer through a children's book written by other children. Children ask the hard questions and those who are fighting the battle are eager to share their story. 

Since 2017, MFL has been writing books about different children and through the process of discovery, these books tell us how different every cancer really is.

No matter the hardships families face, a project like MFL is a unique piece of the journey that will stay with them forever.


"My Friend Linkin exists to inspire and educate kids and adults about cancer."

The Beginning

My Friend Linkin was founded by Naudia Greenawalt and Linkin Eger in 2017. Naudia decided to write a children’s book about Linkin and his journey with brain cancer. She wanted to educate other friends about the process, what cancer means, and how Linkin is still a regular kid at heart. She sold 1,000 copies of the book to family, friends, libraries, schools and hospitals. She was able to raise money for Linkin and his family. Afterwards, Naudia and Linkin decided they wanted to give other children the chance to do the same. 


Linkin was the first “pay it forward” child who wrote a book about their friend Mackenzie and her journey with cancer. Mackenzie wrote "My Friend Jordan." Sadly, Jordan passed away before she could write a book. Naudia came back to write "My Friend Daxton" and Naudia and Linkin are co-authoring "My Friend Itzel."


This process provides hope and joy to the children who are at the center of the book. Not only is the story personal, but it answers questions many adults are afraid of asking. Living the story through a child’s eye can answer many of the questions both adults and children want to know the answers to, including a child’s fear, excitement, and hope.


My Friend Linkin provides a positive and uplifting way where a child can take us on their journey and show us what really matters to them. It also answers technical questions that many adults may shy away from. Lastly, it provides the child with a story they will be able to take forever with them.


Naudia and Linkin’s journey has taken them on a media journey with spots in the Milwaukee Journal, WI Public Radio, Channel 58, TMJ 4, and Emmy-nominated PBS special. They are excited to keep the journey going through events, more books, and interviews. In October of 2021, Naudia was chosen by PEOPLE Magazine as one a "Girl Changing the World in 2021." The issue went out in October of 2021. Naudia and Linkin were also featured on NBC Nightly, airing October 10, 2021.

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