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The Process

After she was done interviewing Linkin, she sat down with her mom and began writing her story. Naudia was filled with details and chronicled the pain Linkin felt, the fear Linkin's family experienced every day, the news from his treatments, and the good and the ugly that comes from chemo. She took pictures and pieced together a story.



In October, the book was ready to be published. The art cover was approved and the book was ready to go. My Friend Linkin's Facebook page was overcome with support through pre-orders and excitement.



The media "tour" was next. Channel 58, The Journal Sentinel, PBS, and WI Public Radio all did stories on the Naudia and Linkin. They enjoyed being interviewed and were excited to share their story. 


Book Launch

The book was delivered a week before Christmas of 2017 and it was revealed at a book launch party at Linkin's house. Naudia and Linkin autographed books for everyone who came. They were excited to meet everyone who shared in their joy. 



The excitement continued, because the PBS special was nominated for an Emmy. Naudia and Linkin were presented with a unique opportunity to attend the Emmys in November of 2018. Taking their parents as dates, they got to meet Peter Alexander and wine and dine with some of the Midwest's most elite journalists. While they did not win, they will always cherish that memory.

My Friend Linkin

We exist to inspire and educate children and adults about childhood cancer.

An Idea is Born

In 2017, Naudia began to interview Linkin about his cancer. She went to his house, sat down and asked him questions. She also interviewed his brother, Travis, and his mom and dad about Linkin's disease and their thoughts and feelings. She continued to follow him on several trips to the hospital and interviewed the staff and doctors. 

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