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Itzel Mercado

Itzel Dog.jpg

 Itzel is 10 years old, her favorite colors are gold and red, loves playing roblox on her phone and sketching art. 


She has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was diagnosed December 3rd 2018, after completing two and half years of chemotherapy Itzel got to rang the bell.

Itzel Painting.jpg

Unfortunately 3 months after she was done with treatment on June 15,2021 she relapsed in her central nervous system. She’s currently having treatment while waiting to get the CAR-T Cell Therapy. As of now we don’t have a date for when she’s going to end treatment. 


Itzel has 2 siblings Daniel and Estrella, and a dog named Bella. Itzel love to play Roblox with her siblings, make slime, bake cupcakes or drive themselves crazy! Daniel and Estrella miss her sister when she’s away in the hospital for long, but once they’re back together they catch up on things and gossip from school.


During her treatment, Packer fans will remember that Itzel was the one who interviewed Aaron Rodgers. You can watch her interview him below. You can pre-order her book in our shop! 

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