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Naudia Greenawalt

Linkin Eger

Linkin Eger was born in West Allis, WI in March 2010. He lives with his mom Kelly, dad Tim, and older brother Travis. Linkin loves, laughs, and lives a purposeful life. Most weekends you will find him camping where he likes to swim, eat marshmallows and play with friends. He enjoys volunteer with Make-A-Wish WI and his church. If you need a smile you can count on Linkin to spread a little cheer.

Naudia and Linkin

Photo Credit: Meg McKenzie, 2018

Naudia and Linkin together make quite the team. They are balls of energy who attract lots of laughs and smiles everywhere they go. Their infectious personalities, lovable dance moves, non-stop giggling and overall "regular" attitudes towards people who interview them make them lots of fun to be around. If you have a chance to hang out with them, you should take it. No matter the mood, you'll walk away happier than then when you came. 


Naudia Greenawalt was born in Guam, USA in August of 2009. Her dad, Brian, is a Navy Veteran and her mom, Dolores, is an English professor. She has two brothers, Toma (7) and Miho (5) who love to play who keep her highly entertained. Naudia is half Croatian which means she is very active in her Croatian community and church. She loves to make slime, play outside, write, listen to music, and do Mad Libs in her spare time.


After moving back to the mainland, Naudia began to attend Hoover Elementary where she met Linkin.

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