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Wigs for Kids

Hair loss is not just a physical change it can also be an emotional sometimes traumatic event for our kids. Hair loss usually begins several weeks after the first or second chemotherapy treatment, although this varies from kid to kid. Some kid's hair may begin thinning gradually before falling out faster and in larger quantities. For a younger child the thought of a wig might not be appealing. While older kids who are conscious of how they appear might consider thinking about wigs. We recommend having this conversation before treatment starts. Matching hair color, length and style is simply easier to think about mentally when it is still there. Our research found the cost of a customized wig is roughly $1,800. It takes 20 to 30 ponytails per wig to make a beautiful one of a kind piece.

If you are considering donating your hair please be aware there are some rules to follow.

1. Most organizations want hair 12 inches or longer. The longer the better in most cases.

2. Hair needs to be cut a certain way and rubber band on both ends.

3. Ponytails need to be complete dried and sealed in a ziplock bag.

With this said each organization has their own set of rules so please locate this on their individual websites.

Below are three organizations we recommend for both a free wig as well as great places to donate your hair.

This blog post has been brought to you by My Friend Linkin (MFL). MFL is a non-profit where kids write books about kids with cancer. We exist to inspire and educate children and adults about childhood cancer.

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