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Celebrating a Birthday When They're Not There

Recently, My Friend Linkin lost a good friend – Isaiah. His 18th birthday is today and we started questioning how we can be a good friend to someone who misses their child dearly and going through a difficult time.

Be There:  Take the day off of work or school and plan a special day. Don’t stress out about making it elaborate. Just be there to make it special. What would Isaiah like? Cake and games, eat out at his favorite restaurant, or maybe visit someplace special.

Movie Night: Queue up one or two of your friends’ favorite movies, along with popcorn and something sweet. Sharing a few laughs, or even tears, is a great way to be a good friend.

Visit their Grave: This might seem the saddest of all the options but what a great way to connect. Write something to read out loud, say a prayer, decorate the site, and bring their favorite treat.

Light a Candle: When we think of birthdays, we think of blowing out candles. On this day, in memory of a friend let the light shine for all to see.

Extra Seating: Leave an extra chair at the table for your friend. As you eat a meal or play a game, share some of your favorite memories.

Make Something: A handwritten card, create a video, put together a collage of pictures, have a memory blanket made, bake something yummy, or write a poem. The extra time spent in making something shows how much you care.

Add to Their Interest: Name a star after them, plant a tree, create an eco-reef, purchase a bench on their favorite hike, light the night with wish lanterns, make a teddy bear out of their favorite shirt, name a rose after them, or enter a walk/run benefit in their name.

Donate in their Name: Even the smallest donations in someone’s name is an amazing way to celebrate their memory. What were their hobbies or interests, what did the loved one die of, or how would they want to be celebrated? Donate with My Friend Linkin -

There is no right or wrong way to honor a friend. However, please be patient and kind when reaching out to your friend’s family. Have you tried any of these ideas or something else that seemed to work really well? We would love to hear from you.

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