Kim Rahal - Survivor


Kim Rahal uses her art to express her feelings and her view of the world. She is best known for  her color-saturated abstract oil and pastel paintings. Kim was born in Southern California, now  resides in Wisconsin, and has shown her work in IL, CO, CA, VA, and WI. She was mentored by  

many artists starting first with her mother, a classically trained artist with a Fine Arts degree.  When Kim was a baby she would watch her mother paint from her playpen and through that  very first influence she began a journey to become the artist she is today, first painting with  sticks in the dirt, then using pencils, charcoal, acrylic paints, and on to oils. It was when she  began painting with oils that Kim discovered her ability to work with color.  


“As an artist I have a recognizable style. I’m very attracted to color, contrast, and light. I love to  do abstract work because of the freedom it allows me to express a feeling or an impression of  an event. I prefer to work with oils because of their rich texture and deep, vibrant colors.  Kandinsky and Picasso, and the local artists of today, give me inspiration.  

As a teen I realized art is the observation and documentation of what is happening in the world  today. I can mark history with the stroke of a brush. I used to use art to hide from the world,  now I use art to tell a story to the world, mine included, finding deep satisfaction combining my  emotions, observations, and experiences on the canvas. I was once told that good art makes  you feel or have a reaction. I have documented my “Renewed Spirit” as a cancer survivor and I hope I achieve this when you view my work. As an artist I want to leave my mark on the world  and also leave my children a legacy they can be proud of when I am gone. I have been working  on this dream from the moment I could hold a brush. I have a clear vision of who I am and  where I’m going. I’m not afraid to take risks, experiment with new mediums, break rules, and  totally immerse myself in what I am doing.” 


Facebook: Kim Rahal 

Instagram: rahalkim  



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Renewed Spirit - Survivor

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